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Go Sport in competitive production: a chronicle of the fall of a giant

On Thursday, January 19, the Commercial Court of Grenoble recognized the sports goods distributor Groupe Go Sport as receiver. “his state of termination of payments”. “With a reasoned decision, the court (…) noted the state of termination of payments to Groupe Go Sport and opened the bankruptcy proceedings”This is reported by the prosecutor’s office of Grenoble in a press release. A revolution for a company once a leader in the sporting goods market, and the end of a great story that began in 1978.

At the time, Go Sport’s bet was a bold one: to bring merchandise for virtually every sport in one store. But there is success, and ten years after the creation, the group becomes public. It seems nothing can stop Go Sport’s ambitions.

But the brand is gradually giving way to another player developing in the sports market: Decathlon. Sign

reduce prices through the creation of their own brands and their own innovations. Go Sport is losing its position as the market leader. “Go Sport was built around big national brands with a few private labels. And finally, they’re competing with someone who does almost all private labels, and that explains the decline.” group, Yves Puget, editorial director of the LSA specialist site, explains in the TF1 report at the top of this article.

Unable to compete on price, the company is betting on the top of the range. Locations in the largest shopping centers, often very expensive foreign brands and large investments… She tries to raise the bar, but nothing helps, there are not enough customers, and debts accumulate. In 2021, the group is being sold for a symbolic euro. The rest is now known: the new owner does not fill the treasury and the company is declared insolvent. Leaving 2,150 employees to worry, now hoping for an offer from a buyer that could restore Go Sport to its former glory.

Edition TF1info TF1 | Lecture by Charles Divo, Olivier Stambach

Source: TF1


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