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EXCLUSIVE – Luc Besson returns with ‘Dogman’: we’ve seen the first footage of his new film

Not, Dogman it’s not a superhero movie… But it’s not the story of an ordinary person either. four years later Anna, Luc Besson is gearing up to return to cinema with an English-language feature film filmed last spring between France and the United States, the first footage of which was only revealed by TF1info. An intriguing 2:30 trailer that begins with a quote from Alphonse de Lamartine: “Wherever the unfortunate is, God sends the dog“.

The unfortunate man in question is a child thrown into a dog cage by an unscrupulous adult in a lost corner of the United States. A traumatic experience, the consequences of which he will bear for life. As an adult, we find him driving a van stopped in the middle of the street by suspicious cops. They will become even stronger when they discover a dog horde traveling from behind. “If you don’t hurt me, they won’t hurt youtheir funny owner warns them.


A blond wig and crimson lipstick a la Marilyn Monroe, an anxious smile a la Joker … The face of the American Caleb Landry Jones, still little known to the general public, was sought by Luc Besson to interpret this new character. we find ourselves in the interrogation room of the police station, face to face with a young inspector played by Jonica T. Gibbs, who we could see in a horror comedy Fresh on Disney+. What crime did he commit? At this stage, the mystery remains intact.

33-year-old Texas actor and singer Caleb Landry Jones first appeared on screen in Old people don’t belong here from the Coen brothers. Played the lead role in 2012 Antiviral agent, the directorial debut of Brandon Cronenberg. Since then, we have seen him again in the cinema in St. Get out, Three billboards and especially Nitram, the true story of Australian mass murderer Martin John Bryant. For his amazing performance, he won the 2021 Cannes Film Festival Interpretation Award.

Actor Caleb Landry Jones plays the mysterious hero here at Cannes in July 2021
Actor Caleb Landry Jones is here in Cannes in July 2021, playing the enigmatic hero of The Dog Man. -AFP

Discovering these first images, as intense as they are enigmatic, it is difficult to say Dogman rather lean towards drama or thriller. Or a bit of both? Since the beginning of his career, Luc Besson has dabbled in almost every genre of film, and this 19ᵉ feature film seems to explore a more intimate vein, with an outsider character reminiscent of his debut characters such as Fred from Subway performed by Christophe Lambert or Léon Jean Reno in the film of the same name. Verdict in theaters April 19th.

Since the early 1980s, Luc Besson’s career has been marked by many popular successes such as big bluewith over 9 million visits in France, or a trilogy Arthur and the Invisibleswith over 13 million visits from 2006 to 2010. Released in 2014, Lucy starring Scarlett Johansson remains his biggest worldwide hit, grossing $463.4 million. His adaptation in the series is being prepared with the cast, which is still kept secret.

Whether Dogman eagerly awaited, it’s also because it’s his first film since he was fired, which was upheld by an appeal in May 2022 following the rape allegations brought against him in May 2018. the old one, Europacorp, which came under the control of the American Vine Foundation in 2020, of which he is now Artistic Director.


Source: TF1


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