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Cesar 2023: Night of the 12, the movie that will make everyone agree?

This is the most anticipated moment of the year by the great “family” of French cinema. The Académie César will announce this Wednesday morning the list of nominees for its 48th ceremony, which will take place on February 24 at the Olympia in Paris. The previous edition was a triumphLost illusions who, after winning 15 nominations, which is an absolute record, left with 7 statuettes, including for best film and best director Xavier Giannoli. It’s hard to choose a favorite this year.

If you like movies In body Cedric Klapisch, november Cedric Jimenez, Simone: Journey of the Century Olivier Daan, See Paris again Alice Winokur or even Alien children from Rebecca Zlotowski, should do well, the surprise could come from a solid outsider: Night 12 Dominic Moll. In this unusual thriller, Johan, a policeman from the Grenoble police, along with his teammates, investigates the murder of Clara, a young woman who was burned alive while returning from an evening with friends. From the very beginning, the viewer is warned: this is a cold case, since there are hundreds of them every year in France.

Film in the news center

Based 18.3 – Year in PJstory by Polina Gena, published in 2021 by Denoël, Night 12 When it was released last summer it was watched by nearly 500,000 viewers across France and was well known by word of mouth. With its realist slant, excellent performances by actors Bastien Bouillon and Bouly Lanner, and skillful way of denouncing sexist violence in society beyond the news, this film is as gripping as it needs to be at the moment.

Coverage of this drama of breaking news could collide with the scandal that surrounds almond trees, a film by Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi. His young actor Sofiane Bennacer appeared on the first list of candidates for the title of César of male revelations when the press reported in late November that he had just been charged with rape and abuse of several of his former comrades. In the end he was expelled, his director condemned “media lynching”. Will she agree to come to the ceremony if she is nominated?

Faced with harsh criticism after Adele Haenel’s high-profile exit due to the awards received by Roman Polanski in 2020, the César Academy has since embarked on a major reform of its management. Now chaired by former CNC boss Veronica Kyle, she announced in early January that any candidate who is indicted or charged with violence will not be invited to the ceremony… but may be rewarded nonetheless. The solution is qualified as “surrealist” hundreds of cultural figures in a column published a few days ago in Dot.


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