EntertainmentCesar 2023: Les Amandiers are spared (or almost) by Sophia Bennacer's case.

Cesar 2023: Les Amandiers are spared (or almost) by Sophia Bennacer’s case.

It was one of the curiosities of the nominations for the 48th Caesar’s ceremony, announced this Wednesday morning. almond trees, a feature film by Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, will he suffer the allegations of rape and abuse against his young actress Sofiane Bennacer? With seven nominations, including one for Best Picture, voters have clearly distinguished between art and news.

Presented last May in Cannes, almond trees inspired by its director’s experience in a theater group led by Patrice Chereau in the early 1980s in Nanterre. The famous director, who died in 2013, is played by Louis Garrel on screen. Around him is a group of young actors whom he recruits for his film adaptation. Platonovclassical play by Chekhov.

Evicted in one night

The director’s double Stella is played by the flamboyant actress Nadya Tereshkevich, who is the favorite in the race for the Cesar of Women’s Revelation. Opposite her, Sofiane Bennacer impersonates Étienne, a swarthy handsome man inspired by Thierry Ravel, another member of Amandier’s troupe. A tragic fate, as he died in 1991 of an overdose at the age of 28.

In mid-November, Sofiane Bennacer appeared on the first list of candidates for the title of César of Men’s Revelations. But when Parisian then Release testified that he had been charged with rape and violence against four of his former comrades, a few weeks earlier he had been expelled within 24 hours by the organizers of the ceremony.


At the time, the main stakeholder proclaimed his innocence on social media, with Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi denouncing “Media lynchingagainst the young man. Has the film career suffered? Probably a little. almond trees drew less than 200,000 viewers, and some operators went so far as to cancel it after the scandal.

Since then, in early January, the Caesars announced that any candidate who is charged or simply charged with violence will be ineligible to attend the Feb. 24 ceremony. But that he can still be awarded and his team won’t be able to take the stage to congratulate him. A controversial decision that will not benefit Sofiane Bennacer as he was sacked in November.

Will Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi take advantage of the evening’s live broadcast on Canal+ to support him? If she is not named in the Best Director category, she may be called on stage in the event of the César Award for Best Film or the César Award for Best Screenplay, for which she is competing with Noémie Lvovsky and Agnès de Sacy. Unless she decides to boycott the evening…


Source: TF1


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