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Jeremy Renner was crushed by a snowplow: the actor wanted to save the life of his nephew

Wanting to save the life of a member of his family, Jeremy Renner almost lost his. CNN is revealing this Wednesday the contents of a report compiled by the Washoe County, Montana sheriff’s office following an accident on Jan. 1 at the American actor’s property. Under emergency surgery, one of the superheroes of the Avengers saga left the hospital a few days ago with at least 30 broken bones. A real miracle, given the script of the drama, which we now know more details about.

The day after New Year’s, Jeremy Renner got behind the wheel of a professional snow blower he owns to help his nephew clear his truck. “The snowplow began to slip, prompting Renner to get out of the car without applying the emergency brake.“we can read in the report.”Once outside, he realized that the ship was heading straight for his nephew. Fearing that she would hit the last one, he decided to stop or deflect the snowplow..”

His chest is shattered by a blow

Did the actor endanger himself in a hurry? “Although the snowblower had mechanical problems, testing showed that if the handbrake had been applied, the snowblower would not have continued to move forward.“, the report says.When Jeremy Renner tried to stop him, he skidded under a car and rolled over..”

CNN also reveals the contents of an emergency call made immediately after the accident: we learn that Jeremy Renner had extremely difficult breathing, the right side of his chest was completely crushed by the wheels of a heavy vehicle weighing at least 7 tons. . His nephew and other bystanders then intervened to help him stay conscious until help arrived.

Jeremy Renner, who celebrated his 53rd birthday in a hospital bed on January 7, appeared before the general public thanks to his shocking role in Minesweepersfilm by Kathryn Bigelow, which earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor in 2010. Then we saw him again in the sagas. mission impossible and Jason Bourne. Since 2011, he has been playing Hawkeye, one of the superheroes of the Avengers saga, in films and series of the Marvel franchise. He is currently a star Mayor of Kingstowndetective series on Paramount+.


Source: TF1


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