Entertainment'Wednesday' actor Percy Hynes White is in turmoil after serious accusations

‘Wednesday’ actor Percy Hynes White is in turmoil after serious accusations

The controversy continues to flare up. Comedian Percy Hynes White has been accused of sexual harassment by several young women on social media. The 21-year-old actor who played Xavier Thorpe on the show. Wednesday also accused of harassment, sending nude photos to minors and racist remarks. So far, there have been no complaints about it.

It all started on January 19, when a user posted on Twitter revealing that she had crossed paths with Percy Hynes White when he was between 17 and 20 years old and still in high school and high school in Toronto. According to her, the actor organized together with his friends “persistent, rude, abusive towards his girlfriends” parties where he abused underage girls.

Percy Hynes White “threw parties in his basement, planning with his friends to invite women they thought were sexy to get them drunk and smoke enough to have sex with them, while lying that he himself was stoned and drunk,” supports a young woman who says she was also attacked. “He faced allegations of rape and abused the victims. He posted nude photos of them online against their will.”

Following this post, other young women broke out of the silence to denounce — texts and photos of the naked actor in support — Percy Hynes White’s behavior towards them, launching the hashtag #CancelPercy. While Netflix has announced season 2 of the series Wednesday, a petition is circulating on Change.org to remove the actor from the cast. More than 6,000 signatures have already been collected. As of now, neither Netflix nor the actor has responded to the controversy.


Source: TF1


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