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VIDEO – He became deaf after the accident: the farmer gained his hearing thanks to medical prowess

One evening in August, right after the harvest, Arno, a farmer, takes up welding to repair his SUV. Then he became the victim of a rare accident. A piece of red-hot steel hit him in the left ear. “It ricocheted off the cockpit of the SUV and hit me in the ear. It’s a fireball.”he explains.

The projectile destroys everything in its path. Arno loses his hearing, balance, and use of the entire left side of his face. Months of nightmare. “My wife had to help me wash up because I was falling in the shower. To sleep, I had to cover my eyes with duct tape to protect them.”Arno continues.

Arno restored his hearing

Six months after the accident, Parisian surgeons offered him a unique intervention. The projectile, of course, pierced the eardrum, destroyed the entire auditory system and burned the facial nerve. Doctors will replace it with the nerve that normally innervates the earlobe and place an implant, this time connected directly to the auditory nerve.

Surgical feat. “This is the first time we have had these two procedures on the same ear, and this is what is innovative. Moreover, it opens up the possibility of repetition on other patients, on other ears, with much more frequent pathologies.”says Dr. Remy Hervochon, ENT surgeon at the Pitier Salpêtrière hospital in Paris.

And especially against the background of ear tumors or traumatic brain injury. For his part, Arno continues rehabilitation, but has already restored hearing in his left ear, balance and mobility of his entire face.

Léa TINTILIE Report TF1 | Caroline Bale, Imane Rachati, Fabrice Amsel

Source: TF1


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