HealthHealth: why you should watch the sunrise (or sunset) more

Health: why you should watch the sunrise (or sunset) more

Admiring the rising sun or its magnificence before going to bed can make you happy. A study by scientists from the University of Exeter, published January 19 in the journal Journal of Environmental Psychologydetermined the effect that natural and fleeting events, such as sunrises and sunsets, can have on people, and attempted for the first time to quantify their impact.

Because if many studies have looked at nature’s effect on our mental health, they have assessed that effect when the sky was blue and clear. “Surprisingly, few people watched how we react to changes in the weather and the daily rhythms of the sun”, say scientists from the University of Exeter in their findings. They used the latest advanced technology in terms of computer graphics to show the 2509 people participating in their experience images of the environment and the urban environment under a starry sky, a stormy sky or with a rainbow.

The experiment showed that sunrise and sunset can cause a significant increase in the feeling of surprise.

University of Exeter

And more often than not, when a picture was taken during sunrise or sunset, it was meant to be much more beautiful. The “wow” effect was confirmed by a Marseille resident, a former Parisian, who was interviewed by TF1 at dawn on the heights of the city, in the report at the top of this article:I come to clear my mind before the start of the work day. Every morning I like to get up early just to enjoy the view and the sun, it relaxes me“, she admits.

“The experiment has shown that sunrise and sunset can cause a significant increase in the feeling of surprise. A feeling that positively reinforces social behavior and reinforces positive emotions.”we can read in the press release published by the University of Exeter.

Elements important for improving overall well-being. “Our research shows that it’s worth getting up a little earlier to see the sunrise or taking a walk to watch the sunset.”, says Alexander J. Smalley, author of the work. They suggest that such a ritual is appropriate in the context of a green prescription, where nature plays a therapeutic role in mental health care.

During this experiment, the participants were asked, in part, to find out the price they were willing to pay for visiting the frame they were shown. They were willing to pay almost 10% more to visit nature at dawn than under blue skies.

Julien MOREAU | TF1 report

Source: TF1


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