Men need IT support more often than women


HP conducted a study on Dutch employee happiness. For the majority of employees, work contributes to happiness in life. There are several factors that contribute to the happiness of these employees.

This ranges from recognition and recognition of managers (55%), the amount of salary or bonuses (54%) to the flexibility of the workplace (43%). In addition, more than one-third (36%) of employees state that having a good workplace contributes to their happiness at work. Secondary employment conditions such as a rental car or gym subscription (12%) and the Christmas package (20%) come only after the workplace.

Two out of three users report that they encounter IT problems on a weekly basis. Remarkably, men required IT support significantly more often than women. Men (43%) were more likely to receive CT support 1-2 times in the last year than women (36%). Men (68%) therefore experience IT problems significantly more frequently than women (62%).

More than half (53%) of respondents say they spend up to 30 minutes per week dealing with IT issues. Not surprisingly, more than half (51%) believe these problems are a major source of frustration and wasted time during the workday.

In addition to hardware, HP also provides services with the help of these services, with which companies can more easily deploy and manage systems. The services also offer the opportunity to get an idea of ​​possible problems in the systems and to respond to problems that may arise.

Ralph van der Baan, Services Category Manager, HP Northwest Europe: “There is a clear link between the quality of the digital work environment and happiness at work. If the equipment is up and running, or if problems are quickly resolved remotely, there will be more enthusiasm. This is reflected in the organization. With HP-managed services and lifecycle solutions IT managers “Coming to the office to solve an IT problem is actually becoming less and less necessary. Together with partners and HP experts, we place emphasis on data-driven workplace optimization.”

Source: HP

Source: Hardware Info

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