Nothing Ear (stick) headphones cost 119 euros


Nothing, the British company of smartphone entrepreneur Carl Pei has introduced the new Ear (stick) headset. The headphones are available as of today and can be ordered from November 4th on the company’s own website and a number of webshops. Nothing Ear stick costs 119 euros.

You don’t put the earbuds in your ear canal, so some people may find them more pleasant than the variants when necessary. The sticks weigh 4.4 grams each and the manufacturer has designed them to be worn all day long.

The headphone drivers are relatively large, measuring 12.6mm. The manufacturer promises good dynamics and realistic sound. The headphones feature Bass Lock technology, which measures how much bass is lost and the reproduction adjusts accordingly.

Total listening time, including charging, is 29 hours through the case. A ten-minute charge in the case gives you an extra two hours of listening time. You operate the headphones with the buttons on the covers. The headphones are also equipped with Clear Voice, where your speech will be well received in less ideal conditions.

Headphones can be operated directly via Nothing Phone (1), Nothing X app is available for other phones.

Source: Nothing

Source: Hardware Info

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