PoliticsCrisis at PS: Olivier Faure offers 'collegiate leadership'

Crisis at PS: Olivier Faure offers ‘collegiate leadership’

Olivier Faure, who continues to seek his re-election as first secretary of the PS, said on Monday that he proposed to Nicolas-Meyer Rossignol and Hélène Geoffroy “collegial management” but no “three or four first secretaries“as they would like. The outgoing first secretary spoke after meeting with his two rivals, united against him along the lines of skepticism in Nupes and La France insoumise, at PS headquarters in Ivry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Seine). Marne ).

They asked me to organize the board“, – said Olivier Fauré.I told them that I am for a collegial tool that allows everyone to feel involved in all decisions made by a political party.“but not for”three or four first secretaries“.

Because he remembered what he collected at the first vote on orientation texts on January 12th.49% of votes, second (Nicolas-Meyer-Rossignol, editor’s note) 30% and third 20%“so we can’t”put everyone on the same level of a pedestal“Moreover, he noted,”no one asked to reopen the verification committee(responsible for reviewing the vote of activists) as it was in the morning.

Leader of the list of Europeans 2024

The deputy for the Seine and Marne also abandoned the idea of ​​a new vote, which was claimed by Hélène Geoffroy, the leader of the Dutch. Until the Marseille Congress, which will be held from Friday to Sunday.”it will be hard” and “I’m not sure in the period that opens (challenging the pension reform, ed.) priority is to return to voting in the next few weeks“, – explained Olivier Faure, adding that his rival, the mayor of Rouen, is of the same opinion.

The two men also indicated that the first secretary offered Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol to head the 2024 European list, but the latter declined. “Posts don’t buy me”he objected. “I have made proposals for the revival of the PS and the unification of all socialists, which I hope will be quickly heard.”

The three participants in the meeting indicated that in order to reach an agreement, they would meet again before the Marseille Congress, after consulting with their supporters.

I hope that everyone will come to their senses and something positive and collective“, said Nicolas Meyer-Rossignol. Meeting “it was very serious and very serious, because the situation is dramatic for the PS“, “we told each other clearly, now we have to find solutions“. Sunday’s new vote count, contested, gave the incumbent 51.09% of the vote to his challenger’s 48.91%.

Marius BOKE

Source: TF1


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