PoliticsPension reform: referendum request filed by Nupes

Pension reform: referendum request filed by Nupes

For or against pension reform? Against the project, which is to be discussed in Parliament, the Nupes deputies want the French to vote. A hundred of them, at the initiative of the Communists, filed a petition for a referendum to suspend consideration of the government’s draft and submit to a referendum a text allowing “give the floor to the people in this decisive choice for their future”reported in a press release.

“Out of this Crisis”

The request must be discussed on February 6, the day of the start of the debate on the project in the semi-cycle. The four Nupes leaders in the Assembly signed the proposal: André Chassin (PCF), Mathilde Pano (LFI), Boris Vallot (PS) and Cyriel Chatelain (EELV). It still has to be considered valid for being discussed.

According to PCF President Fabien Roussel, the referendum will allow “get out of the top of this crisis.” While “The government has made lock selection and confrontation”Fabien Roussel pointed out to CNews that with the referendum, “We will ask all deputies to give the floor to the people and get out of this impasse.” According to him, “98 deputies from the left” proposed a referendum.

If they managed to get a vote on February 6 in the Assembly, which is far from winning, it would be immediately referred to the Senate, which must decide within 30 days. But even a referendum proposal passed by both houses must still be approved by the president, who is free to agree or not.

At the LCI, the Minister Delegate in charge of public accounts, Gabriel Attal, questioned on the matter, stated that the referendum was not in any way on the side of the government. “We had real debates during the presidential and legislative elections. This reform will not come out of the hat without the French hearing about it.”he defended, raising an argument already advanced by the President of the Republic during the first day of the historic mobilization.

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Source: TF1


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