PoliticsVIDEO - Pension reform: Gabriel Attal rules out referendum on LCI

VIDEO – Pension reform: Gabriel Attal rules out referendum on LCI

Political clashes between the opposition and the presidential camp on pension reform continue. One hundred deputies from Nupes filed on Tuesday an application for a referendum on the bill initiated by the Communists. A trail swept by an executive that claims to be legal by running the text through a parliamentary debate: LCI political interview guest, Minister Delegate in charge of public accounts, Gabriel Attal defended “democratic promise” for reform in the National Assembly.

“We had a real debate in the country during the presidential and legislative elections. This reform will not come out of the hat after the elections without the French hearing about it.”he defended. talking “fully conscious and aware” on the fact that some of the voters who voted for Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the presidential election wanted to block his rival Marine Le Pen, without necessarily confirming his program.

On the other hand, during the legislative “several parties presented a program in which there was a pension reform with a decrease in the age”the minister objected. “It turns out that if you add up the deputies from these parties that proposed this reform, it turns out majority in the National Assembly. It still seems to me that this is the democratic guarantee of this reform.”he protected.

“Avoid parliamentary debate”

He then accused the parties calling for the referendum of being unwilling to detail their proposals. “We see a maneuver to avoid a debate in Parliament, to avoid having to present a counter-reform, its modalities and the way they will fund it.”Gabriel Attal said.

Retirement at the age of 60 brandished by rebellious France, especially during the presidential campaign, “It costs 85 billion euros, if you want to fund it, it’s an increase in employee contributions by 3,000 euros a year, so all French people who work will lose 3,000 euros in wages a year.”for example, said the minister. As for the National Association, the party did not want to abolish the special regimes and “wanted to delete account with difficulty”he assured. “Will they accept in a half cycle? I think that’s the debate they’re trying to escape from. We accept it, we don’t shirk our responsibilities.”he protected.

Supporting the message conveyed by the government since the beginning of the social conflict, the minister also confirmed that the executive branch is open to dialogue on the text and listens to the protests of the trade unions. “We have already shown that we are able to change our reform (…) through consultations with trade unions”he said. “We must be in exchange, dialogue, listening and enrichment.”


Source: TF1


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