PoliticsMoDem, this partner of the majority, is not enthusiastic about pension reform

MoDem, this partner of the majority, is not enthusiastic about pension reform

The pension reform, attacked by most of the opposition and rejected by the trade unions, nonetheless enjoys a solid base in the presidential camp. At least that’s what the government says. Thus the three majority groups – Renaissance, MoDem and Horizons – “Will be in support” text, guaranteed last week the president of the macronist group in the National Assembly, Aurora Berger. But in fact, there is some tension between the executive branch and its allies, in particular the MoD, which confirms support for the text, while expressing clear reluctance. The government, for its part, says it remains open to discussion but is already refuting some of its theories, calling instead “block”the voice of Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire.

MoDem representatives have indeed multiplied in recent weeks proposals for “improve” text begging him to offer more “social justice”. The day after the introduction of the bill by Prime Minister Elisabeth Born, on Tuesday, January 10, the head of the party, François Bayrou, acknowledged that lowering the retirement age would remain an unshakable point. But for the rest, he made sure that the project was “upgradable” and introduced “frontiers of progress”. “My idea is not to embarrass the government, but to find a solution in the weeks that this debate develops.”then referred to the general secretary of the National Council for Revival (CNR).

Employer contributions, 35.5 hours… The government already says no

Among these areas for improvement, Mayor Poe insists on his desire to increase employer contributions to fund the pension system. “It’s not about getting the bosses to contribute, it’s about getting the companies”tall “about 0.7% of wages”he explained at LCI.

The proposal was quickly rejected by the government. “We are convinced that this pension reform should not interfere with the policy of full employment (…), so yes, no tax, no contribution”Minister of Labor Olivier Dussaud answered last week at the LCI. “Not the best option” or in the eyes of Bruno Le Maire: “We can always increase employer contributions, but this will be paid for by rising unemployment”he arbitration on Franceinfo.

Another proposal put forward by the deputies of the Moscow Region, which was also coldly received by the leadership: an increase in working hours per week by half an hour, up to 35.5 hours. Eure et Loire’s elected spokesman Philippe Vigier confirmed to AFP on Sunday the information from Figaro, according to which his group was going to propose an amendment to this effect in the draft pension reform. Target: “earn a little more and make social security contributions that will help fund the reform”he argued, estimating the impact of such a measure at 1.7 billion euros per year.

But once it is launched, the offer is also rejected. “I would prefer not to open the weekly working time project at a time when we are already in pension projectThis was announced on Sunday by government spokesman Olivier Veran. On Monday, Elizabeth Bourne confirmed that she has no “does not intend to start a debate about 35 hours”.

Elected MoDem officials are also working on adding “revision clause for this reform on January 1, 2028”Philippe Vigier explained. The group will also propose to reduce the starting age without discounts from 67 to 65 years, as many areas should be discussed during the parliamentary debate, which will open on 6 February.

The debate promises to be intense as MoDem is not the only majority ally to voice its doubts about the text. If Horizons boss Eduard Philip assured “I fully approve this reform”, he also made some implicit criticisms. What can quickly piss off macronists: “When you have friends like that, you don’t need enemies”joked the AFP minister. Not to mention that some voices are also rising in their own ranks, unconvinced by the first version of the project. “We cannot carry out reform against the population“, for example, Renaissance MP Barbara Pompili said on Tuesday.

Maelane LOAEC

Source: TF1


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