PoliticsDid the French, who re-elected Emmanuel Macron, really support his pension reform?

Did the French, who re-elected Emmanuel Macron, really support his pension reform?

Prime Minister Elisabeth Born is calling on members of the government to be pedagogical in order to convince the French of the usefulness of pension reform. She also clarifies, like all representatives of the majority, that Emmanuel Macron did not take anyone by surprise with this text, on the contrary. The President of the Republic even showed himself “transparent”Throw in the ministers. They point out that these measures were announced back in the spring, they are written in black and white in the program of the head of state for the presidential election.

The arguments were hotly contested by the opposition and trade unions. LCI guest, CGT boss Philippe Martinez assured on Sunday that the votes that allowed Emmanuel Macron to re-enter the Elysee Palace were, above all, expressions of opposition to Marine Le Pen to prevent him from gaining access to the highest posts in the state. .

A less popular measure at the exit from polling stations

To try to see this more clearly, one can look at public opinion polls conducted after the first and then the second round of the presidential elections. Several institutions then approached the voters to find out their motives and identify the themes that had mostly motivated them to mobilize. This is the case of BVA who asked the following question: “What are, among the following, the questions that were considered in selecting this candidate?” They were then presented with a list of 13 items with several possible answers. Pensions are included as well as safety, health and the environment.

This consultation shows us that among the voters of Emmanuel Macron, only 12% of respondents cited pensions as a serious problem. Far from “The economic situation of France”, chosen by more than every second, or the war in Ukraine (named by 44% of those who voted for the Head of State). Therefore, pensions are the ninth concern out of 13 proposals submitted. Note that among the voters of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the issue of pensions (promised at age 60) was much more often cited as the determining reason for voting. This was mentioned by every third voice of the leader of La France Insoumise.

In another poll taken on the sidelines of the presidential election, Ipsos asked French people to choose from a list of three questions they thought would be central to their vote. Pensions were among the top five most cited issues, but lagged far behind purchasing power, topping the list of issues.

Another element of this opinion poll is directed towards the opposition: when we ask supporters of Emmanuel Macron what his main qualities are, they “presidential rise” and ability “to cope in case of a serious crisis” which stand out. Having “good project” was nominated by only one of the ten voters of the incumbent president. This is the lowest among the support of the six main candidates. By comparison, half of Yannick Jadot’s defenders (exactly 50%) promoted the project, which is close to the numbers seen for Valerie Pécresse (42%).

Finally, what about the “rejection” vote that would benefit Emmanuel Macron, put forward by the opposition today? If no one disputes the victory of the President of the Republic, many believe that he especially benefited from the impossibility for many French people to foresee Marine Le Pen’s rise to power. An aspect of voting studied by sociologists, in particular Ipsos. In the first round, we learned that every fourth supporter of the Head of State most of all wanted “to prevent another candidate from getting into the second round”. The notion of “deviation” of the vote became more prominent when Emmanuel Macron found himself face to face with Marine Le Pen. A new poll has shown us that 42% of French people who re-elected an outgoing president put his name in the ballot box to block a far-right candidate.

Summing up, we see that the majority is telling the truth when they talk about the pension reform announced in the presidential program of Emmanuel Macron. However, it is clear that this is not the element that contributed significantly to persuading voters to vote for the head of state.

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