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Pension reform: “I wouldn’t vote for this text if I were a parliamentarian,” launches Xavier Bertrand on LCI

If the executive branch claims that it can count on Republican deputies to carry out its reform, then within the right-wing party, however, there are contradictory voices. Among them is Xavier Bertrand: if he assures us that lowering the retirement age to 64 “essential”the President of the Hauts-de-France region believes that, in its current form, the government text “forgot about justice”. “Today I would not vote for this text if I were a deputy”, – he reasoned on the air of LCI this Wednesday, January 25, visiting the “Political Interview”. And pose “three conditions” convince him about long careers, special regimes and the position of women.

“Pension reform is necessary, I have always argued that if you live longer, you need to work longer, two more years”launched favorite. “But I said that at the same time we need maximum justice, and there the reform is above all accounting and forgot about justice”he criticized.

“We must pay tribute”

Claiming now “the ball is on the side of the government”Xavier Bertrand posing “three conditions” so he can change his mind. “Those who started working at the age of 18 to 20 will not be 43 years old. (contribution, editor’s note) as Madame Bourne said, but 44 years old. But why do they need another year? I ask the government to reconsider this provision, saying that with 43 years of deposit, you leave at full rate.he argued at first.

“At the end of this decade, we must end special diets” to “to bring savings”, added the regional president, declining the government’s proposal to put an end to these schemes for new entrants. Finally, on the issue of women. “Today too many women don’t retire at 62, they won’t retire at 64, they’ll retire at 67.”he criticized. And bring the situation of the authors “split a career”who raised their children for years: “We need to check the quarters so they can go to 65 instead of 67”.

“Many parliamentarians, among the Republic of Lithuania, but not only, are not ready to vote for this text if these conditions of justice are not met”the chosen one insisted. In this regard, he acknowledged “divergence” with the president of his party, Eric Ciotti, who assured during the presentation of the reform that the deputies of his formation were ready to vote for it. “It’s not enough to just say yes to this reform, for me it has to be done fairly”– he hollowed, calling, in particular, to protect the middle classes.

However, Xavier Bertrand was very skeptical about the mobilization of some unions after CGT-Cheminots and Sud-Rail announced a strike on February 7 and 8, a movement that could potentially be restarted from mid-February. “The right to strike is constitutional, but abuses and excesses of the right to strike must not be allowed”he thundered, considering that “Each time targeting the holidays to block the French is obviously an abuse”. “CGT protects CGT, he doesn’t care about the common interests of the French”he judged.

Maelane LOAEC

Source: TF1


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