PoliticsLithuania's support for pension reform is no longer so obvious

Lithuania’s support for pension reform is no longer so obvious

The government is counting on them alone: ​​elected Republicans will play a key role in the adoption or rejection in the National Assembly of the pension reform rejected by all other oppositions. Party leaders met with Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne last week, saying they had won concessions and suggesting that the text would receive their confirmation. But in recent days, several voices within the formation have expressed serious reservations about the bill, which is expected to be expedited in the National Assembly on Monday. Even threatening not to vote for him.

The presidential camp, not having an absolute majority, hopes to draw 62 deputies of the Republic of Latvia from the reserve, but so far nothing is guaranteed. “Elizabeth Born does not have 40 deputies of the Republic of Lithuania ready to vote” for a text, the quota necessary for its acceptance is provided in the columns Sunday paper the elected official of the Upper Rhine, Raphael Schellenberger, who himself opposed the reform. According to our information, about fifteen deputies of the Republic of Lithuania have already been reserved, they even treat the bill with hostility.

“Mass Injustice”

Among the leaders of this challenge is new Executive Vice President Aurélien Pradier, who is calling for more “justice” as provided by the text. “The more weeks pass, the more the French will measure the massive injustice of the current pension reform”, MP Lota tweeted on Tuesday. Government copy “forgot about justice”also criticized the Hauts-de-France LR President Xavier Bertrand. I would not vote for this text if i were an MPhe thundered this Wednesday at the LCI, while considering that reducing the starting age to 64 was “essential”.

The party is really on the line of the ridge. Their unsuccessful presidential candidate, Valerie Pecresse, during her campaign called for even more radical reform than government reform, lowering the retirement age to 65. But deputies are afraid to appear as assistants to the executive branch. To our knowledge, disappointed voters have already made it clear to their elected officials that they regret their vote.

But because of this pivotal role, they can also put pressure on the government, setting numerous conditions for obtaining its approval of the text. Thus, Xavier Bertrand agreed on three demands: shortening the period for paying premiums for long careers, speeding up the termination of special programs, and eliminating the discount at age 65 instead of 67 for women with “split a career”.

“Offers”, but “unity”, defends the party leadership

The leaders of the party also seem to be moving in this direction, trying to give some assurance of the cohesion of their group. “We need pension reform” except one “ten key points” must be improved, Olivier Marlet, president of the LR group in the National Assembly, said this Wednesday at Franceinfo. Among them are the status of women, the timetable for the reform he wants to move to January 2024 instead of September 2023, or the issue of difficulties.

Party chairman Eric Ciotti, who since last week has been repeating his wish “to be able to vote for this reform”assured his side that his party “still working on suggestions”. But what would it be “on the rendezvous of their duties” in the face of reform “whose urgent need we are measuring” but “whose cruelty we wanted to soften”. Thus, the Alpes-Maritimes deputy urged not to have “doubts about the unity of our groups in the Senate and the National Assembly”.

In the presidential camp, some admit that the LRs are a challenge, while dissenting voices within their own group are already weakening their bloc. we will have to “persuade one by one” right-wing elected officials, noted renaissance spokesman Mark Ferracci told AFP. These last “don’t try to be convinced because they are not really interested in voting” reform, for its part evaluates the framework of the party. Others are outraged: “If they were in power, they would defend a rather similar reform”blowing macronist parliamentarian still with the agency, believing there is “a demagogic wing among LR that sometimes gets the upper hand”.

Generally, “We are entering a difficult and stressful period”, recognizes the leading deputy Renaissance TF1info. But on the government side, one of its members, on the contrary, is rather calm, saying that he is convinced of obtaining political support by a majority vote on the text.

Maëlane LOAËC and political department TF1/LCI

Source: TF1


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