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National day against sexism: Emmanuel Macron wants to formalize the date of January 25

Emmanuel Macron wants to officially declare January 25 as a national day against sexism. According to our information, the President of the Republic, who met this Wednesday morning with the President of the Higher Council for Equality (CEE), Sylvie Pierre-Brossolette, approved the official establishment of a national day against sexism, which until now has been recognized only by associations. . On the occasion of the fifth issue, the Head of State also promised measures to educate and combat sexism on the Internet.

Education Priority

First of all, he wants courses in this subject to be organized quickly, and teachers and specialists trained to communicate with students. Emmanuel Macron then suggests regulating digital platforms to remove degrading and violent content for women, especially pornography. He calls for sanctions against platforms that do not comply with the rules, to be determined when the European Digital Services Law is transposed into French law.

Another proposal from the Head of State: the creation of a mission ALL against violence in three areas, namely in sports, politics and work. The president also wants to link HCE to the parliamentary mission responsible for reviewing legal procedures, which means many women are not getting justice. Finally, Emmanuel Macron advocates a binomial vote to promote parity in legislative elections with the leaders of the list of men and women.

Marius BOKE

Source: TF1


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