ScienceVIDEO - Impressive solar flares captured by NASA

VIDEO – Impressive solar flares captured by NASA

Even though we can’t see it every day from planet Earth, our star is constantly shining in space! The US Space Agency has collected images taken by the Space Solar Observatory (SDO) instruments orbiting the Earth between August 12 and December 12, 2022. Since its launch thirteen years ago, the device has been taking pictures of the Sun every 0.75 seconds and transmitting 1.4 terabytes. data to earth every day.

Opportunity to admire spectacular solar flares here and there. This phenomenon is a consequence of the accumulation of energy on the surface of the Sun. Particles rich in energy are ejected violently from the solar corona. To estimate the level of activity, scientists count sunspots (black dots in the image) and measure the intensity of flares.

Observations made in recent years by space agencies have shown that our star’s activity cycle lasts eleven years. The sun has recently entered a new phase. In two years, the number of spots on the surface of our star (an indicator for measuring its activity) has exceeded all forecasts, hence the multiplication of solar storms and, according to the ricochet effect, aurora in recent times.


Source: TF1


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