SciencePlane of the future: Airbus is inspired by the flight of an...

Plane of the future: Airbus is inspired by the flight of an albatross to invent revolutionary wings

“Scan nature, that’s where your future is!” Based on the flight of birds, which he observed as a child in Tuscany, the brilliant Italian inventor Leonardo da Vinci (to whom this quote is often attributed) sketched out designs for aircraft. Known today as “biomimicry,” this discipline of deriving tomorrow’s technologies from nature has made a triumphant comeback in recent years.

This is evidenced by the pilot project of the European aviation giant Airbus as part of its biomimicry program, which aims to “imitating the deepest secrets of nature” invent the plane of the future. Engineers at Airbus UpNext, the R&D subsidiary of Airbus that created these prototype wings, have been working on a project called “AlbatrossOne” for several years now.

This is what the experimental model will look like. – AIRBUS

Idea? Take inspiration from this great seabird’s flight technique to develop the most flexible wing system.

“This seabird can fold its wings at shoulder height to fly long distances tirelessly.”explains in a press release the group.

It is enough to improve the performance of your aircraft, which can then adapt in real time to wind conditions and benefit from significant aerodynamic and mechanical advantages. The result is less turbulence for passengers and significant fuel savings.

Renamed “eXtra Performance Wing” last year, the project is currently only in the pilot phase. The demonstrator is being tested in the group’s wind tunnel located in Bristol, England. The performance of this model will then be analyzed by computer systems before an experimental flight is considered. According to, this could happen as early as 2024.


Source: TF1


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