ScienceVIDEO - Discover the 10 smartest dogs

VIDEO – Discover the 10 smartest dogs

We know that dogs are man’s best friend. We also have 7.5 million in France. And sometimes the question arises: despite all the affection, is our dog really smarter than the average? Scientists from the University of Helsinki, Finland, tried to answer this question by conducting cognitive and behavioral tests on 1,000 dogs of 13 different breeds between March 2016 and February 2022. – Decisive ability, logical thinking and short-term memory.

So, thanks to this study, published at the end of December in the journal Naturewe now know the smartest dogs. Is your dog’s breed listed? Drum Roll: Find out in the top 10 below.

10 Australian Shepherd


9 Cocker Spaniel


8 Shetland Sheepdog


7. Spanish Water Dog


6 Golden Retriever


5 Labrador Retriever


4 Australian Kelpie


3. Hovawart


2. Border Collie


1 Belgian Shepherd Malinois


Thus, the Belgian Shepherd Malinois rises to the top of the rankings. This breed, which often accompanies the military or police, scored 35 out of 39 in all tests. In second place is the Border Collie with 26 points out of 39. Third place belongs to the German Hovawart breed, which received 25 points out of 39.

Owners of the Australian Kelpie, Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Spanish Water Dog, Shetland Sheepdog, English Cocker Spaniel and Australian Shepherd need to be reassured. These dog breeds appear in that order in the rest of the classification.

Florent Gognet, dog trainer, asked in the TF1 report at the top of this article that this top ten is not surprising: The Malinois is a dog with many abilities. This is a very intelligent and very versatile dog.”

However, don’t be discouraged if your dog isn’t on the list, and remember that the brain requires muscle: “You have to make it work daily”the cinematographer continues. “You have to teach the dog little tricks, develop his cognitive abilities by helping him solve small problems.” Tip: Always take a treat with you, it makes learning easier.

Editorial TF1info | TF1 Report Vincent Lamaut, Tanguy Jouard

Source: TF1


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