ScienceDid you think it was stupid? T-Rex was smart as a...

Did you think it was stupid? T-Rex was smart as a monkey

Contrary to popular belief, Tyrannosaurus Rex was not just a fat beast. According to new research, the brain of this great bloodthirsty predator contained up to three billion neurons, or as many as that of a modern primate. “Long thought to be big and stupid, the T-Rex may owe as much to its brain as its Cretaceous kingfish as it does to its gigantic jaws and teeth.”we can read in the article washington postwhich relays this scientific work.

According to the author of the study, American biologist and neuroscientist Susana Erculano-Hauzel, such cognitive abilities would allow the tyrannosaurus to solve problems and even form cultures. What could a theropod do? “primates of their time”writes a scientist whose research was published last week in a very serious journal Journal of Comparative Neurology. To hear it, T-Rex could even use tools and also pass on knowledge from generation to generation.

T-Rex was not just a bloodthirsty beast

The soft tissue that made up the dinosaur’s gray matter rotted away many millennia ago. Therefore, to arrive at this discovery, the researcher studied the bone parts of the animal’s brain and compared them with the skeletons of its living relatives: birds. From this, she deduced that the brain of a tyrannosaurus rex has as many neurons as a brain of a baboon. Previous work has shown that Alioramus, another bloodthirsty dinosaur belonging to the theropod family, has over a billion, or as many as a capuchin monkey.

This new study adds to the growing body of evidence that the Tyrannosaurus Rex was not just a bloodthirsty beast, but a social animal. A recent study states, in part, that it moved in packs like wolves. Remains of other male theropods incubating eggs have also been found, a social behavior seen in modern birds. Paleontologists also suspect that tyrannosaurs had feathers.


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