ScienceVIDEO - Incredible images of a Boston Dynamics robot at a construction...

VIDEO – Incredible images of a Boston Dynamics robot at a construction site

He doesn’t (yet) have a face, but he’s acting more and more like a human. The American company Boston Dynamics posted online this Thursday, January 19, a new video showing the latest achievements of its bipedal robot. In the images, we see a humanoid move along with engineers in work uniforms in a warehouse converted into a construction site.

The question show, like every demo video, the Atlas robot, although still in prototype state, does the show. The research team at the Florida Institute for Human-Machine Interaction (IHMC) responsible for its development has markedly improved its dexterity by giving it…hands. Finally, more precisely, pliers. Something that will change the life of a robot.

At the beginning of the video, we see him holding a wooden plank and using it to access the top floor of the scaffolding after armed with a toolbox to bring it to a worker. The video ends with a somersault flipped 540 degrees. Impressive and frightening at the same time, Atlas, funded by a US Department of Defense agency, was accused in 2015 by Amnesty International of being a future “killer robot” built for war.


Source: TF1


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