SportFormer PSG player Dani Alves is in custody on suspicion of sexual...

Former PSG player Dani Alves is in custody on suspicion of sexual assault.

A Spanish judge on Friday ordered the pre-trial detention of Brazilian footballer Dani Alves for alleged sexual assault in the bathroom of a Barcelona nightclub in late December, the Catalan Supreme Court said.

After listening to the 39-year-old soccer player in police custody, this judge decided to put Dani Alves in jail forfacts allegedly taking place in a nightclub. Catalan metropolis, the court said. The decision to temporarily detain Dani Alves, who spent nine seasons at Barcelona, ​​was made due to the risk of a “leak” of the Brazilian player, as well as the absence of an extradition agreement between Brazil and Spain.

According to a source familiar with the situation, quoted by AFP, the young woman blames the international ariverde 39 years of “rape”, a criminal qualification that is part of sexual assault in the Spanish penal code. According to this source, she repeated her allegations on Friday in front of a Justice of the Peace.

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