SportVIDEO - "It's magic": enthusiastic amateur players from Pays de Cassel before...

VIDEO – “It’s magic”: enthusiastic amateur players from Pays de Cassel before the match against PSG

When they are not in cats, they are a bank consultant, a builder, a craftsman… Amateurs from the USA Pays de Cassel offered themselves a gala meeting at the 1/8 finals of the Coupe de France. Current fourth in their pool in the Regional 1, France’s sixth division, the Nordics will face Paris Saint-Germain and its stars this Monday at 20:45 in Bollaert-Delelis (Lens). A big meeting for a club that has existed for less than five years, born from the merger of Arneke, Hardyfort, Nordpene-Zuytpene and Bavinhove-Kassel, six small towns in Flanders with a total population of 6,500 people.

Stadium Bollaert-Delelys, the decisive twelfth man?

Leading until the last moment in the previous round, against Wasqueal, coach Samuel Goetal’s men equalized in the last seconds (89 minutes), which has become synonymous with a penalty shootout. An exercise, finally well mastered, at the end of the day a match against one of the biggest European teams. From this push of fate, the ardor continues to grow. On this occasion, more than twenty buses and a train have been specially chartered for the fans. The regular RC Lens housing should fill up. “What happiness, what happiness! Little finger against the biggest team in the world, that’s great!”exclaims one of them in the TF1 report at the beginning of this article. “Just talking about it, I have emotions” he confesses, dressed in his yellow and black scarf. “We believe in it, otherwise we wouldn’t be here”turns on another fan.

This Monday morning after breakfast the atmosphere was good. Fans prepared for a day they will never forget. “In fact, the image is beautiful, because we have ardent PSG fans who are going to meet their idols. That’s what’s beautiful. Magic Cup., with stars in his eyes, explains Dmitry Suntrain, a banking consultant at the usual time and back in business. Some, such as Captain Alexis Zmiyak, a self-employed electrician, are even members of the Collectif Ultra Paris (CUP). “Personally, it’s great for me to be in this situation. But if Mbappe scores on goal, will I capture him or not? Do I say to myself: “Wait, he should play Bayern Munich in the Champions League soon?” “he laments, laughing, in columns Parisian.

Once out of the ordinary, the defender and his teammates qualified for the green at a four-star hotel. They also benefit from the work of a mental coach from Lille hours before a fateful deadline. To fully understand how unbalanced this match is, let’s say that the budget of the Flemish club is … half the daily salary of France international Kylian Mbappé.. “But there will be two arms and two legs on the field and eleven players on each side. It will be a great party.”hopes Gabriel Bogart, the organization’s volunteer sports director.

Endless waiting and day off

To hopefully make a candle to the players of the capital, US Pays de Cassel football players will have to excel in overcoming the stress and excitement that characterizes this special poster. “No, it’s not out of my head”jokes Romain Samson, manager of the Oxalis et Bergamote patisserie. The goalkeeper worked all week in his shop, although he was thinking about something else. “It’s a very important match and it’s very rare in an amateur career, so we thought about it because we knew we’d be playing them.”he continues.

Expectations were all the higher as the match was postponed for several days due to PSG’s friendly in Saudi Arabia. Most of Kasselois even had to take a day off or postpone construction in order not to miss a meeting. And, probably, not the last in the case of the monumental feat of the northerners …

mg | TF1 Report Marion Fiat, Charles Yzerman

Source: TF1


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