SportVIDEO - The challenge of a lifetime: she participates in rowing for...

VIDEO – The challenge of a lifetime: she participates in rowing for the first time

She is a child of the lake, born 55 years ago on the other side. The task of all life is to tame the elements. In her small apartment in Yser, Vivian trains every day as alone as possible. Build muscle for rowing. She is going to row for the first time in the middle of winter.

Vivian barely fit on the board last summer. Here she is now, three days before the final scouting competition. She discovers this sport. Next to him are Odile and Robert, his parents, his first supporters. Despite everything, Vivian feels more comfortable than when she started. Extraordinary physical commitment. It all comes down to this here.

The D-Day she’s been waiting for has finally arrived. Dizziness at first, doubts in the head, even when preparing the bag. In the next room, Robert is anxiously getting his camera ready. Continued in the report at the top of this article.

Editorial TF1info | Yannis Matisse and Frederic Marchand

Source: TF1


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