TechVIDEO - USA: my server is a robot

VIDEO – USA: my server is a robot

This Washington D.C. restaurant can be a bit inhumane, but traditional courtesies are still guaranteed. “Enjoy your meal“, two customers can be heard saying who finds “very funny“to be served by a robot in this way. Currently in the United States, two-thirds of restaurants say they lack manpower, especially after the pandemic. So here, the boss decided to hire Rosie, a robot waiter who avoids all obstacles thanks to his sensors .Rent of 700 euros per month, according to him, everything is profitable: “Rosie, I only pay her once, I don’t pay taxes for her, and she will never get Covid.“, – he welcomes. And from the side of the staff, the new colleague is received quite well.”She’s not here to take my job, she’s just extra help.“, – says the employee of the institution.

A young company that has been marketing this robot since 2019 is currently a hit. And she’s far from the only one in her niche. In catering, tourism and hotels, these so-called “service” robots represent a huge market that could reach over 300 million euros by 2026.

You’ll be spoiled for choice between a robot that does dishes, one that makes cocktails, others that make coffee, hamburgers, pizza, or even a room service version of the machine. Robotics is about to revolutionize the service industry. Because by 2019, 600,000 hospitality and food service jobs should be filled in the US. A shift job, not always well paid, that no longer appeals after Covid. Therefore, the invasion of robots can start with restaurants.

Editors of TF1 Info Reportage Axel Monnier, Alexandra Poupon

Source: TF1


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