TechArtificial Intelligence Fraud: These Students Tried ChatGPT

Artificial Intelligence Fraud: These Students Tried ChatGPT

When fantasy becomes reality. In Lyon, a university teacher of handicapology made a funny surprise by correcting his students’ copies at the start of the year. Half of his students’ manuscripts—7 out of 14—really bore an uncanny resemblance without being plagiarized. However, they were built in exactly the same way, from grammatical construction to the order of reasoning, with “the same qualities and the same defects.”

By interviewing his students directly, Stéphane Bonvalet discovered that they were using ChatGPT artificial intelligence, as he testified in the daily Progress. The students apparently spread the word on social media about the use of this very powerful intelligent chatbot developed by an American company. Open AI, available for free from the end of November 2022, to do their job. A practice that can be widely adopted.

The phenomenon would be massive in high school

This scam is all the more confusing because it works: copies cost “between 10 and 12.5”, – the teacher was surprised, who was far from thinking that such automated work could cost an average. So he bet 11.75 on the seven copies in question. Due to the lack of oversight of this new practice by the university that took up the matter, Stephane Bonvalet was forced to make the decision to mark his students.

“This practice worries me. It poses a real problem of knowledge integration because students no longer need to do any research to compose.”he said Progress. A concern he clearly shares with other colleagues who suspect a mass phenomenon. “Using ChatGPT will be especially important in high school. This story is growing incredibly. I don’t know how it will be resolved. But we need to find a solution quickly…”he warned.

With a database of over 175 billion parameters, ChatGPT offers amazing features that go far beyond the AI ​​features used on a daily basis, such as Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. ChatGPT can indeed write a poem, a love letter, a movie script, solve a mathematical equation, a metaphysical problem, or even write an essay. The possibilities are almost endless. A heavy-duty tool already banned from schools across the Atlantic in New York that will be taken seriously by National Education.


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