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VIDEO – De Gaulle’s Proclamation of June 18 recreated thanks to artificial intelligence

This historical moment was not recorded. From the Address of June 18, put forward in 1940 by General de Gaulle from London, there was only one text, glorified, which, nevertheless, we got the impression that we heard it. But in fact, there is no radio recording of this moment.

Thanks to the cooperation of the newspaper Peace, the Institute for Acoustic/Music Research and Coordination (Ircam) and technology company Ircam Amplify, you can now listen to this seminal speech of the French resistance during World War II. Or at least an audio reproduction of what could have been.

Actor François Morel provides the voice of General de Gaulle. Combined with a good dose of technology, it thus recreates the symbolic tone of the man who, sitting in front of the BBC’s Marconi microphone, called on the French to unite in the fight for the liberation of France.

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