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Personal data on the Internet: a new platform allows you to erase everything

This war is not fought with tanks or fighters. However, protecting against the misappropriation and misuse of personal data online is becoming increasingly important. Location, type of electronic device, purchasing power… the information collected on various websites is as numerous as it is varied. And the possibilities to collect them are becoming more and more countless..

“We are all pushing ‘accept all’, seeing full well that there are many little things that we don’t look at”recognized by the consumer interviewed by TF1 in the report at the top of this article. “Everything we send, everything we transmit, will definitely be received”there is another woman.

This harvest can have real-life implications, especially when shopping online. Some data leads to more expensive products or services. A plane ticket or a taxi ride, for example, may cost more or less depending on the brand of phone or computer used to place the order. “I still find it overpriced”– says a passerby.

In this context – at the same time with the ever-increasing number of cybercrimes – UFC-que-Choisir has just launched an ambitious information campaign called “#JeNeSuisPasUneData”. Through them the association “intends to raise awareness by disclosing which sites contain which information and, above all, to mobilize Internet users, facilitating their approach to exercising their rights”the press release says. “It is important that consumers are aware of the importance of the data they leave online and the implications this can have on their lives,” she adds.

Analyze collected data…

To make life easier for consumers, a new tool has been created and is available online at respect He “allows every Internet user to know exactly what personal data is collected by the platforms they use, as well as, and above all, to exercise their rights to rectification, deletion and to obliviondescribes UFC-que-choisir. “The network giants have made data out of us, but this is not inevitable. Today is the time to reverse this trend, to respond by regaining control of our personal data. We have rights, use them.”insists Alain Bazot, its president.

The imaginary procedure is easily accessible and very didactic. It starts by clicking on “Restore your data” and on the name of the organization of the user’s choice (for example, Facebook, Uber or Netflix). Then just follow the instructions. Finally, “the site displays several graphs that allow you to better visualize the data that Facebook or any other social network holds about you, and especially how they use it”notes the Phonandroid site that conducted the experiment. “Then you’ll be able to know what activities are being tracked, what advertisements are being sent to you, and even the interest centers that appear from your profile.”he adds.

…then exercise your rights

You can then exercise your rights to rectification and oblivion through a form to be filled out, again simplified for this case. “Remember that you have the right to erase everything. It won’t change your habits, but at least they won’t have all that information about you.”emphasizes Raphael Barthlome, legal director of UFC-que-Choisir.

At the same time, there are other solutions. “You can switch to private browsing mode if you don’t want to share data. This can be interesting when buying train or plane tickets., explains Benoit Grunewald, cybersecurity expert at Eset France. Another tip: don’t click “accept all” when browsing a web page. Finally, it is obviously a good idea to post as little personal information as possible on your social media.

mg | TF1 Report David de Araujo, Imane Rachati, Benjamin Rey

Source: TF1


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