WorldUS: New confidential documents found in Joe Biden's possession

US: New confidential documents found in Joe Biden’s possession

Another unfortunate discovery for Joe Biden. American Justice indicates that six new confidential documents were discovered this week at the family residence of the head of state. An announcement that comes as several secret documents have already been found since November.

“The Ministry of Justice took possession of the documents (…) as part of its investigation, including six elements consisting of documents” classified, Joe Biden’s personal lawyer admitted. The discovery came on Friday during excavations at a home owned by the US president in Delaware.

We also learned that the files in question relate to two different phases of Joe Biden’s political and public life. They are connected, on the one hand, with his long career as a senator from Delaware (lasting 30 years), as well as with the period 2009-2017, during which he served as vice president of Barack Obama along with Barack Obama.

“Stuck in the wrong place”

The presence of documents of this kind, stored at home, is not allowed in the United States. A 1978 law requires US presidents and vice presidents to turn over all their emails, letters, and other business papers to the National Archives. First of all, this discovery follows a series of others made in recent weeks. An event that the White House would do well.

Through his lawyers, Joe Biden admitted on January 9 that the confidential material had been discovered back in November at a think tank in Washington, where one of his offices was located. Shortly thereafter, on Jan. 12, the elected Democrat acknowledged that new confidential files had been exhumed, this time at his home in Wilmington. The one where the last six documents had just been discovered.

The American president, who plans to declare himself a candidate in the 2024 presidential election, is trying to stop the controversy. “Listen, we found some documents (…) which were stored in the wrong place, we immediately handed them over to the Archives and the Ministry of Justice”he turned to reporters who called him in for an explanation during a trip to California. On behalf of his lawyers, we certify that this “carelessness” that Joe Biden brought the files home, while adding that he intends to fully cooperate with justice.

Thus, the White House demonstrates a clear goal: to demonstrate its integrity and respect for the judiciary, seeking to distinguish itself from its predecessor, Donald Trump, who is already running for president. The Republican billionaire is the subject of a similar investigation, accused of bringing several boxes of official documents to his Florida villa.

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