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Letter-bomb to the Embassy of Ukraine and Pedro Sanchez in Spain: a suspect was detained

Return to sender. At the end of last year, a series of letters-bombshells were received, in particular, to the Ukrainian Embassy in Spain or to Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, after an investigation, the alleged perpetrator was detained.

Series of six letters

“National police officers arrested on Wednesday a man of Spanish nationality in Miranda de Ebro (North), who is believed to be the author of six letters containing explosives addressed in late November and early December. (…) at the Presidium of the Government, at the Embassy of Ukraine in Spain or at the Embassy of the United States in Spain”This is stated in a written message from the press secretary of the ministry. A police source told AFP that it was 74 year old pensioner.

On November 30, a letter addressed to the Ukrainian ambassador slightly injured the hand of a security officer at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid during an autopsy. Letters were also sent to the Minister of Defense, the weapons company that makes the grenade launchers Madrid handed over to Kyiv at the start of the Russian invasion, or an important Spanish military base. Spanish justice opened an investigation into alleged acts of “terrorism”, and Kyiv ordered to strengthen security in all its offices.

According to the American daily New York Times, US and European intelligence agencies suspect the Russian paramilitary group Russian Imperial Movement of being involved in this letter bombing campaign. The ultra-nationalist and white supremacist group, designated by the US as a terrorist organization in 2020, would operate covertly in the interests of Russian military intelligence, according to an article in a US daily newspaper published on Sunday.

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Source: TF1


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