WorldHunter shot... by dog

Hunter shot… by dog

An extremely rare hunting accident. A dog shot and killed a hunter on Saturday, January 21, in Kansas, USA. The pet was in the back seat of a pickup truck, where “hunting equipment and rifle” were filed, the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office said. Then he accidentally stepped on a gun, “causes detonation”. The victim, a 30-year-old man, was hit by a bullet while sitting in the passenger seat.

According to local authorities, “He died on the spot from his wound.”despite the intervention of emergency services. “The investigation is ongoing, but, according to the first information, it was a hunting accident”Sheriff’s office said.

“In recent years, there have been several other notable firearm incidents involving dogs” in the US, CBS News recalls. In 2017, a pheasant hunter in Iowa was accidentally injured by his dog stepping on a loaded gun. In 2018, a New Mexico man was injured by his Rottweiler when the animal’s paw hit the trigger. The bullet went through the driver’s seat, crushing several of his sides and collarbone. More recently, in 2022, a hunter was killed at point-blank range by his dog while riding in the back seat of his truck.

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