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VIDEO – Abrams, this American heavy tank is also desired by Ukraine


After Europe USA? While Germany announced on Wednesday the delivery of 14 Leopard tanks to Ukraine and gave the green light to the delivery of this type of equipment to several other European countries, following the 14 British Challenger tanks, Kyiv also turned its eyes across the Atlantic.

The Ukrainian hope of getting 250 to 350 heavy tanks, a number deemed necessary to fend off a possible Russian counteroffensive, could be approved by the Americans for new deliveries. In this case: Abrams, made in the USA since 1985.

2600 operational units

The Abrams tank belongs to the family of heavy armored vehicles and has the same advantages as its counterparts – the German Leopard and the French Leclerc. It combines the power of crossing, striking power, fire protection and has the same utility as leading the offensive and retaking positions from the enemy.

Its physical characteristics are also very similar to the Leclercs and Leopards: weight from 55 to 67 tons, maximum speed of 72 km / h, 120-mm cannon, but three machine guns, one more than the Leopard.

What may be of particular interest to Kyiv is the US capabilities in this area. It was released in 10,000 copies, of which 2,600 will work today in the US. This is more than 2000 Leopards sold throughout the European Union. The only downside is that one US official recently recalled that he was a particularly heavy kerosene drinker and that he needed at least four months of training. What does not really distinguish him, in this case, from his European counterparts.


Source: TF1



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