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Ukraine: the historical center of Odessa is included in the list of World Heritage in Danger by UNESCO

The historic center of the port city of Odessa, a Ukrainian city on the Black Sea, has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage in Danger list, despite opposition from Russia. At an extraordinary session of the World Heritage Committee in Paris, six out of 21 countries voted in favor, 14 abstained, and Russia voted against the inclusion of Odessa, a port city known in particular for its monumental Potemkin Stairs, on the World Heritage List.

On Wednesday, the World Heritage Committee decided to include the Historic Center of the Port City of Odessa (Ukraine) on the World Heritage List.“, – said in a press release from UNESCO.This decision recognizes the outstanding universal value of the site and the duty of all mankind to protect it.“, – she adds. Odessa is like this”placed under the enhanced protection of the international community“, welcomes Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO.

“Extended Guard Zone”

The President of Ukraine sent the candidature of the historical center of Odessa to the UNESCO World Heritage Site on October 11. “More than a symbolic act“, the inscription of the city nicknamed “pearl of the black sea“the world heritage would offer him”legal protection“, – then pointed out UNESCO.”It will establish an extended buffer zone in accordance with the 1972 UNESCO World Heritage Convention.“, says the UN organization.

In accordance with this Convention, which was signed by both Ukraine and Russia, all participating States undertake to contribute to the protection of the objects included in the List and, in addition, are obliged not to take deliberately any measures that may directly or indirectly damage this heritage.“, establishes UNESCO. In addition, inclusion in the heritage”in danger“UNESCO opens access”to mechanisms of emergency international assistance, technical and financial, to enhance the protection of property and assist in its restoration“.

Marius BOKE with AFP

Source: TF1


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