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US to supply 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine


After a long delay, Washington will supply Ukraine with 31 Abrams tanks to help it resist a Russian invasion, Joe Biden announced Wednesday after Germany gave the green light to send tanks to Kyiv and despite warnings from Moscow. “The United States will send 31 Abrams tanks, the equivalent of a Ukrainian battalion, to Ukraine to bolster Ukraine’s military capabilities and enable it to achieve its strategic goal.“, the US president said.

Tank Abrams is the most powerful tank in the world“- boasted Joe Biden.It is also difficult to maintain. Therefore, we will send the necessary equipment to maintain and service these tanks in the field.” said the US president.Ukrainians also need time to fully learn how to use these tanks.The news comes after Germany refused to send Leopard 2 heavy tanks after weeks of hesitation.

“Very sophisticated equipment”

President Biden also spoke Wednesday to the leaders of Germany, France, Italy and Britain.as part of our close coordination in support of UkraineKyiv has been asking Westerners for modern tanks for weeks now, a spokesman said, saying they are necessary to repel the Russians.

Until recently, the United States said it was not ready to provide its state-of-the-art Abrams heavy tanks to Ukraine to fight a Russian invasion, citing maintenance and training issues as the reason for this refusal. Pentagon number three Colin Kahl pointed out last week that the Abrams tank was “very sophisticated equipment“.

It is expensive, requires serious training, it has a jet engine. In my opinion, he consumes 11 liters of kerosene per km.“, – explained Colin Kahl, Deputy Secretary of Defense for Strategy. “Not the easiest system to maintain“, he added.

Marius BOKE with AFP

Source: TF1



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