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Spain: one person killed and several injured in a knife attack in a church

Knife attack in a Spanish church. A sexton was killed Wednesday evening in Algeciras, southern Spain, and several people were injured, including a priest. “Stab Attack” occurred “just before 8pm” in the church of San Isidro, the interior ministry said.

Planned terrorist trail

The ministry added that one person was killed near the church and one was wounded inside the church. A police source told AFP that the man killed was a sexton and one of the wounded was a priest. According to this source, the assailant was wearing a djellaba and “shouted something” at the time of the attack. Local media, based on testimony, indicate that the attacker was armed with a machete.

“The facts are being analyzed and investigated. At the moment it is impossible to determine the nature of the attack”, emphasized in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The prosecution then announced, without further details, that an investigation was underway on suspicion of terrorist acts.

Marius BOKE with AFP

Source: TF1


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