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11 people died in Ukraine: Putin’s reaction to announcements of the supply of Western tanks

In the suburbs of Kyiv (Ukraine) this Thursday morning, Galina, who suffered from a natural disaster, is also a miracle. She was sleeping when a Russian missile completely destroyed her house. Russia fired 55 missiles today. Some residents even managed to photograph them.

Odessa plunged into darkness

The capital Kyiv, Bakhmut at the front, Zaporozhye and Odessa are the main affected cities. On the roads of the south of the country, our correspondents see clouds of smoke, as you can see in the video at the top of this article.

Power plants have just been bombed, in particular the one that supplies Odessa. The immediate consequence of this is that the city, still at the center of the conflict, but rather spared by the smoke of the bombardment, is plunged into pitch darkness.

Why did Russia bomb Ukraine so much today? For experts, this is Vladimir Putin’s answer to the West. The reaction after Germany, the United States, and now Canada promised the supply of battle tanks to the Ukrainian army. Tanks promised by the West to Ukrainians could appear on the front lines within three months.

Editorial TF1info | Report by Ignacio Bornacin, Thomas Misraki, François-Xavier Menage, Axel Charles-Messan

Source: TF1


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