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VIDEO – Turkey: the brakes no longer react, the bus completes a crazy dash in the water

This road, the passengers of this bus ride it every day. But this time, things don’t go as planned. The driver takes them to the ferry shown on the left in the video at the top of this article. When he suddenly loses control. The accelerator is stuck, the brakes no longer respond. His first instinct is to go around in circles and buy time to make the decision of a lifetime. Where should he finish his race? After 20 seconds, he decides to dive into the lake.

Fortunately, the lake was shallow.

The screams of panic were recorded by a surveillance camera inside the car. Water instantly fills the cabin. The driver manages to get out. But the passengers are trapped. Luckily, the bus lands in shallow water sufficient for breathing.

Employees and customers of the ferry, who witnessed the incident, rushed to save them. They manage to get the passengers out through the roof before firefighters arrive. Assessment: Three people were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

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