WorldREPORT - Scotland: Road trip to the Highlands

REPORT – Scotland: Road trip to the Highlands

For almost a century, this mystery has haunted the world: is there, yes or no, a creature from the depths of time in the waters of Loch Ness? This is where our team decided to start their journey in Scotland from. With Mike, a kindly monster hunter who crosses the waters of the lake with the help of radar, hoping to finally find “Nessie”.

But the “monster” has not yet surfaced since the legendary appearance in the picture in 1934 near Urquhart Castle. Here it is important, of course, to keep your legend. And when you set foot on the ground, you just have to push the door of the souvenir shop to understand, as we see in the TF1 report at the top of this article.

The legendary route “North Shore 500”.

We are leaving Inverness and heading north. The North Coast 500 is a mythical road that circles the Highlands from east to west. 800 kilometers where sun and clouds compete for a sky over the North Sea that is never far away. A small paradise is defined by three words: freedom, beauty and tranquility.

In the highlands of the Scottish countryside, you won’t meet many people. So, when we see someone, we stop. Campers have become a way of life in the Highlands as there are few hotels and you can stay just about anywhere.

Editorial TF1info | Report: Mathieu Dupont, Antoine Janon

Source: TF1


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